About us
Milestones and Mission
The Alliance was established in April 2013 as a partnership between industry and the academic community to promote R&D, as well as to enhance awareness and promote the propagation of the electret vibration generator. In the midst of global enthusiasm for energy harvesting, our electret vibration generator has reached the stage of commercialization. This advanced device combines material development and precision processing technologies, which are fields where Japan has demonstrated its strengths. We are committed to propagating this innovation.
■ Joint R&D on electret generator and modules
■ Application development and market education activities for the electret generator and modulesr
■ Information collection and R&D for electret generators and devices, etc., using electret material technologies
■ Participating in domestic and international exhibitions and seminars (public relations and information collection)
Alliance members and their functions
■ The University of Tokyo :
Basic research and analyzing the mechanisms of electret generators
■ Omron Corporation :
Design and manufacture of electret generators
■ Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd :
Manufacture of electret materials
Marketing research and designing electrical circuit
■ Techno Design Co.,Ltd :
Production of electret vibration generator
■ Konishiyasu Co.,Ltd :
Marketing and market development of electret materials, generators, and modules